Food Challenges!

At Hogs & Heifers we absolutely love a food challenge!

We have devised two different challenges which we dare you go for 😉
Can you handle the heat or go further with your burger?
Are you king of the wings or a mean lean burger queen?

Man Vs Hogs and our Hot Wing Challenge are both really popular and a great way to take on a work colleague or friend, raise money for charity,
or even just for foodie dare devils!

Get in touch or drop by and take on a challenge!

Man vs Hogs Food Challenge
Hogs Hot Wings Challenge

Randy Santel

Randy Santel takes the Hogs & Heifers’
“Man vs Hogs” Food Challenge

Professional eater Randy Santel versus Hogs & Heifers’ “Man vs Hogs” Food Challenge.
Randy had just 30 minutes to feast on six 1/2lb (8oz) Irish beef burgers made in-house that morning from 50% flank steak and 50% beef brisket. There were 6 slices of cheese, lots of bacon, house sauce throughout, and lots of tomato slices and red onions. Each layer also had a portion of juicy shredded braised beef which was so delicious!! The challenge included a big bowl of chips plus a pint of creamy Guinness.

Watch Randy take the challenge!

Man vs Hogs Food Challenge

6 Beef Patties & Chopped Brisket
Smoked Bacon & Grilled Cheese
Tomato & Gherkin
Steakhouse Onions & Iceberg lettuce
Hogs Signature Sauce
Seeded Bun
Bowl of Fries
Pint of Beer

45 minutes to eat everything
If you win you will be immortalised on our Wall of Flame and receive a prize.

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Man vs Hogs Food Challenge
Hogs Hot Wings Challenge

Hot Wing Challenge

Are you tough enough to try our Hot Wing Challenge?

Complete the challenge and win

  • One of our famous Hogs & Heifers T-Shirts
  • Plus a place on our Wall of Flame

Take the Hogs Hot Wing Challenge at either of our two locations
Airside or Liffey Valley

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